Solar Technology

1We have extensive experience with several different kinds of solar applications, such as: solar home systems, solar led streetlight, and solar power plant projects. We can develop them according to your needs and power consumption and required payback time.

Our solar team consists of qualified Academic educated Chinese, Malaysian and Dutch professionals with a background in engineering, and solar energy systems. There is experience with various kinds of solar systems, and powerplants, including: 5MW, 14MW and 30MW.

2Typically we work with A-grade poly or mono crystalline solar panels (white or all-black). Although we aim for quality, we have good relations with reliable suppliers that deliver quality solar panels that perform above the required tolerance. We are able to influence the purchasing of raw materials for the better.

Quality Components
A solar panel consists of over 100 components. It will not surprise you that the quality of these panels varies widely. We know what’s important, and work with good quality components. For example if we talk about the Solar Cells. We picked a highly efficient supplier from Taiwan to supply our Solar cells.


Autonomy of energy
All professional expectations indicate that the energy rates will only increase in the near future. In countries, where the high excise duty and VAT are applicable on the energy rates, a high energy price is guaranteed.

Green Future
4Of course your contribution to a sustainable and greener future of great importance. By participating in the group purchase, you are an example to your network and neighbors.

95% of all solar panels is still manually manufactured. Here we are not content with it. The selected solar plant is automated in distant degree. This ensures a consistent quality product. Furthermore, a preshipment QC will be provided by Solar Kisun Consultancy Services.

5Quality Inspections
The quality inspection takes place on site at the factory. Our team checks during the whole production process. Secondly, a thorough inspection will take place before the solar panels are packed. As far as we know, we are the only ones in our specialism that are dealing with quality so properly!

The solar panels will be mounted on the roofpanels, if possible, and carefully shipped, or can be mounted on a flat roof or inclined roof after arrival.

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