Lightsteel Buildings

1Light steel buildings and villas are durable modular house, consisting of a light steel keel system, thermal wall (cement) panel system with the necessary thermal insulation materials and a steel roof frame. With the right materials, the buildings can last for over 50 years.light steel villa

Everything is prefabricated, so when the unit arrives, it basically needs te be installed within one day up to two weeks. It’s possible to buy the empty house (just frame, roof, wallsystem) or buy the complete house, so it will be turn-key ready after installation.

It has become popular for all kinds of applications. Advantages of a Light Steel house:

  • Easy and Fast to Install
  • Modular
  • Easy to Transport
  • Fire and Insect resistance
  • Wind & Seismic resistance
  • 2Energy conservation and Environment protection
  • Artistic and Comfortable
  • Low Cost in compare to traditional building methods

According to your demands and budget, we can supply you the requested Light Steel Villa solutions.

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