LED Technology

Light Emitting Diode Lighting Technology

We offer you the best LED lighting solutions for our projects.
We know the latest developments on the LED market and keep contact with the best suppliers of LED lighting.

Sustainable, energy saving, colourfull and environmental friendliness are the key characteristics of LED lighting. In a society where saving energy is becoming more and more important, LED lighting is fastly gaining popularity. The higher quality of the new generation power LEDs have LED also the private consumers to replace their incandescent light bulbs, halogen lamp and even energy saving lamps by LED lighting. This makes LED the lighting of the future.

  • 1Cool white (7000~9000K of 10000~11000K)
  • Daylight Pure white (6000~6500K)
  • Warm white (2700~2800K, 3000~3500K)
  • Warm white / yellow (2400~2500K)

Since we stand directly in the Chinese factories, you can ask us for any combination of light angle, LED color and LED chip. Together with the engineers of the factories we will process your request and come to a suitable proposal. New designs are certified by renowned institutions, e.g. certified with –amongst others- the CE, UL, TUV label.

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