About Us

Mytrader’s core business since 2009 is the import of mostly customized products from China and supply them worldwide. From the start, we cooperate with experts and factories with over 10 years experience, and were pioneers in their sector.  

In the beginning, we focused merely on LED technology and products such as: stationery products, commodity goods. Besides that we performed over 100 quality inspections all over China.

It does either directly as a trader or indirectly, as an agent, guiding import processes for clients. We are successful in offering high quality for highly competitive rates.

Although we focus on a specific niche, we are also open to discuss other business possibilities.


Why mytrader?

Here you can find an overview of the advantages of using mytrader to handle your wishes.

mytrader strives to realize maximal economic value for its customers, with a focus on long term business relationships, by:

  • Quality control: Strict selection methods to find the right producer of the product, quality controls during the production process, and inspection before the container is being sealed and shipped.
  • Total service provider: we take care of the complete trajectory of finding the right producer, the order process, the quality checks, means of payment, transport, procedures with regard to the customs office, and delivery to your address in Europa.
  • Network in China: Our extensive network includes traders, entrepreneurs, technicians, transporters and lawyers.
  • Best rates: direct factory access, lean organisation structure, strong global network available
  • Presence al over China: Mytrader works all over China, predominantly from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai and Beijing.

The way we work:

Request with product specifications

Per mail and phone you give mytrader the exact (technical) specifications of the product which you wish to import, including available photos, drawings, etc. Furthermore you provide us with a preferred buying price.

Quickscan and shortlist

mytrader performs a broad market scan to see if it is feasible to buy the product for the preferred buying price and to ship it to Europe. mytrader then comprises a list with the factories which are most interesting for you. In doing so, mytrader takes into account not only the price, but the full spectrum of quality certificates, experience with the product, production processes, reliability, etc.



mytrader orders samples from the most interesting factory or factories. After a quality check in China, the samples are being sent to Europe.

Placing the order

If you agree with the sample and the price, the process continues and the order will be placed. Of course, the conditions for payment, delivery, etc. have been clearly deliberated prior to the order.


Quality control

To receive the right quality from China, Western quality control is crucial. If necessary, we can intervene at the right moment, creating the certainty that the desired quality is actually being produced. The container will only be sealed for transportation when the products live up to all quality demands, and when they are approved by mytrader.


We cooperate with logistic businesses, making sure that the products reach their destination safely and timely.


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